The International REC Standard (I-REC)

Renewable Energy Certificates (REC)

Powering Your ESG Commitments

An I-REC is an International Renewable Energy Certificate , which represents 1 MWh of electricity produced by renewable sources. By acquiring an I-REC certificate, it is then possible to guarantee that the energy comes from renewable sources. As of today, GreenYellow can assist its solar PPA customers to smoothly collect their I-RECs and much more.

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Acquiring your I-RECs

Easy process entirely managed by GreenYellow


GreenYellow will register your PV plant in the I-REC platform


GreenYellow issues your I-REC every year

Transfer /Redemption

redeem the I-REC on behalf of the customer or transfer the I-Rec to your account


  • Preferred platform in Thailand
  • Redeem or Trade options available
  • Easily prove the “green” origin of your energy consumption
  • One step closer to achieving your goals in terms of carbon footprint reduction
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